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Plus Pro

Our Plus Pro subscription is the easiest bundle to never worry about materials. First, you’ll have instant access to The Complete Collection of all our Recorded for PE+ Content and Broadcasted Events, including All New & Premium Content and All Kids Content.

Secure Premium Painter Pricing at our studio in Ontario California. Paint for as low as $20 an event with the option to share this price with a friend; as many times a month as you like! – Discounted pricing access enabled typically within six hours of subscribing.

Join our artists for a deep dive into perfecting your blending, figure painting and other techniques in our Tips & Tricks Segments. From a decade of our hands on Paint & Sip instructors you benefit from our artist’s experienced know-how, answering questions on camera before you even have them.

Your recurring monthly membership secures you anytime access to the Plus Pro collection, cancel anytime.

Additionally, we ship you materials!

At the start of every new month we send four 16×20″ canvas and a stack of our go-to painting palette boards. Occasionally we mix this up with our 12×16″ kid canvas for your smaller projects. As a Pro Subscriber you benefit from regular shipments of high-quality Purple Easel Acrylic Paint. At the start of each month we ship a scheduled assortment of colors; 16oz at minimum. We carefully plan this schedule to prioritize the primaries, white & black, and then include the less commonly used colors like Hansa Yellow or Portrait Tone. But That’s Not It! All Pro Subscribers also enjoy significant discounts at the Purple Easel Store for any and all additional materials you may require. Once our staff establish your Pro Account with our store (on the next business day), we send you discount details. – After subscribing we provide you with details for an exclusive starter kit!

We are jazzed to start painting with you and look forward to all the amazing works of art you’ll be creating!