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Our Plus Premium subscription is hands-down our most popular tier; granting you instant access to The Complete Collection of all our Recorded for PE+ Content and Broadcasted Events, including All New & Premium Content and All Kids Content.

Secure Premium Painter Pricing at our studio in Ontario California. Paint for as low as $20 an event with the option to share this price with a friend; as many times a month as you like! – Discounted pricing access enabled typically within six hours of subscribing.

Join our artists for a deep dive into perfecting your blending, figure painting and other techniques in our Tips & Tricks Segments. From a decade of our hands on Paint & Sip instructors you benefit from our artist’s experienced know-how, answering questions on camera before you even have them. Your recurring monthly membership secures you anytime access to the Plus Premium collection, cancel or upgrade anytime. Visit our online store or your local hobby shop to supply all your material needs. Purchase from our online store and we ship next business day! – After subscribing we provide you with details for an exclusive starter kit!

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