The event had already began when a woman came asking if it was too late to join. “Of course, no problem at all.” Turns out she was a caretaker for a 97-year-old Marine. We chitchatted as I helped them get settled in. I learned that his hearing was so poor he was nearly deaf. Painting at Purple Easel necessitates a lot of listening as our instructors share the instruction. Even mic’d, my new friend was a bit lost trying to hear the instructor. However, this didn’t sway me. In addition to assisting others I spent the event transcribing the instructor, writing down the steps and demonstrating on the table paper. Spending a lifetime with your ears it was obvious the experience was trying. I kept writing encouraging words and sharing that his painting was looking really great! He shared about his life in the Marines, pictures of his daughter who also enlisted in the 60’s, how he wrote music and played the guitar. It was such a special time and what otherwise could have been a frustrating experience turned out really well. I remember his smile as he and his caretaker left. Its moments like these that make painting at Purple Easel so incredibly memorable for me.

See you at the studio!