About Us

About Us

Purple Easel is an evening out Art Experience. You bring the drinks and we provide all the painting materials.  We take you step by step to recreate the evening’s featured piece, no experience required. You’ll be amazed at what you will accomplish! Laughing with friends, sipping drinks, and creating art is what we’re about.  Many people make a party of it, some folks come alone to get away and engage in a little paint therapy.

We host bridal showers, girls-night-out, birthday parties, date night, private parties, corporate events,  and even cater to kids.

We’d love to share the Purple Easel Experience with you.
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Our Story


Why Can’t Learning be Fun & Exciting?
Art can be excruciating to jump into. Full of expertise and criticism any would-be painter is met in public with opinion and critique. What if there were a place that affirmed all artists and fanned the flame of creativity in everybody. A place where expertise is at your disposal but always cradled with a dash of optimism and a splash of encouragement. What a rewarding place that would be!
Purple Easel is a playground that wants nothing more than to see lives enriched. For some of our painters that’s a place to meet the girls, pop the champagne, party-it-up and escape all the busyness. Others come and engage in some alone-and-unplug time, a little paint therapy. Others come and tap the experts, pick the brains of our artists and embrace the craft. Schools love Purple Easel as a supplement to underfunded art programs!We’re a hands on art venue never shy in having fun. The music is up, the instructors are witty, the staff are friendly, and everyone leaves with a piece of greater self-worth.

Building The Studio
about01All this aspiration but limited capital proved a challenge in launching Purple Easel. We got our start in Rancho Cucamonga subleasing a space three days a week. We shared the space with a church set in a commercial space around the corner from Victoria Gardens. - See A Video!

Every Wednesday night Matthew, our founder, would come in and erect the studio. Stacking chairs to clear the floor, laying 1500sqft of tarp to protect the carpet, setting up tables, stools, easels, and all the works to ready the studio for events the next day. 7am the following morning he’d be back on the phones at the call center where he worked full-time. - Watch a Time Lapse!

That’s the American Dream. Dream big and work hard. We didn’t have a lot of customers in the beginning, but with patience, fine tuning what we do, and prioritizing the betterment of people, word spread and the party got bigger.

Dreams Come True
Since opening in Spring 2012 we always looked forward to the day we would have our own studio. A venue custom built, state-of-the-art, a place for big parties and private parties, available seven days a week.

We would need the right place and all the funding would have to come together. So, with great enthusiasm, perseverance, hope, optimism and patience; we did it! We found a fantastic location, we signed a lease, we secured the funding, and we began construction on the world’s best paint & sip studio! - Watch The Promo!

And Still Dreaming!!
We believe we have built the best expression of the Paint & Sip concept. Our grand studio design, quality materials, who we hire, how we train, and prioritizing the betterment of people is recipe for bigger and bigger parties. We love what we do and we love sharing our enthusiasm and good-time spirit with everyone. One studio at a time we’ll continue along our vision and one day paint with you wherever you are across America.

Purple Easel – Online
And then a Pandemic! Spring of 2020 the world was hit with a dreadful and contagious virus. It shut everything down. Stunned with having to temporarily shut our doors we put our creative heads together and built Purple Easel Online. An online art studio meeting the needs of our shut-in painters. During this period we helped bring our in-studio experience to the very living rooms of our patrons; we had no idea how big it would become! No matter where, in-studio or in your living room, painting enriches lives, and so, we Paint On!

Peace, love, and affirmation to all you artists out there! ~ Purple Easel