School Events

Purple Easel is proud to bring art back into children’s lives. Either at our studio in Ontario California or in your school, retreat, or center. We furnish all the painting supplies, instruction, and assistants to lead kids step by step to walk away painting in hand. This rewarding experience is an invaluable opportunity not only to expose kids to the joy of painting but also the self confidence of expressing themselves through art. We have painted with 1st-12th grade and different charitable organizations.


Some Details

  • Plan a field trip to our studio in Ontario California
    • 20-person minimum, 116-person maximum, $18 per painter/student
  • Schedule an away event to your school or venue
    • 30-person minimum, 300-person maximum
      $18 per painter/student (no setup fee)
  • The full paid minimum must be rendered to secure your event date
  • If you have fewer painters than the minimum required the balance will be due
  • You choose the painting! View our kid paintings here on the website
  • Email to book your event

Here is Our Two-Page School Flyer


Email Us to Schedule an Event