CERAS Vision Art Board Events

What You’ll Takeaway:

You lead a very busy life. Either full of distractions or idleness, what matters slips on by. If you pause and consider it, you’re tired of missing it. Weighed down by worry or without purpose, it is time to paint yourself the future you want!

Cultures Environments Respected & Shared is “CERAS” Art. As a certified Expressive Arts Educator, Sarah Patterson facilitates a guided journey through introspection and collage to help others connect with themselves and cast Vision for the future. – vision board yourself a new year, a new you!

You’ll Be Amazed With
What You Walk Away With!

The event is all inclusive!
No prior experience necessary
Leave with a work of art that
captures a personal and unique
vision for this next year!
Step Forward with open eyes!

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Sat Jan 25th

Meet Sarah:

CERASart is a mobile expressive art studio specializing in bringing a creative experience to individuals and diverse groups of people. Cultures Environments Respected and Shared (CERAS) was birthed from an original pursuit of crafting hand made custom cards in an effort to embrace the art of communication and encourage the capturing of a moment in time by the written word with a simple art piece on paper, the card. CERAS continued to stay close to moral code and thus when Sarah considered expanding her art repertoire, it made sense to utilize the original name for its’ depth of meaning. Today CERASart brings individuals an opportunity to reconnect with his/herself first and then with others simply through the engagement with creative process.

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