Press Release

For Immediate Release
Announcing a New Ongoing Event in Rancho Cucamonga

New Art Studio Lets Patrons Do the Painting
Purple Easel has come to Rancho Cucamonga! Opening on April 20th, 2012, Purple Easel provides the community with an exciting new experience to bring out your inner artist. An experienced and talented artist guides patrons through the process of creating their own painting, all while you enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your friends. Join us nightly for a unique date night or evening with your closest friends and take home your very own masterpiece to cherish for years to come. Prices start at $25 for a three hour guided painting. Purple Easel is located just blocks from Victoria Gardens at 11966 Jack Benny Drive, Unit 104 in Rancho Cucamonga. Reservations and painting selection can be done at . For more info call (909) 638.1272.

Who: Purple Easel
What: Grand Opening at Victoria Gardens
Where: 11966 Jack Benny Drive, Rancho Cucamonga
When: April 20th, weekend nights following

  • New exciting activity for dates and group outings
  • Learn to paint
  • Enjoy a drink with your friends
  • Create something beautiful
  • Fun for all ages (kids days available)
  • Costs starting at $25 includes painting you take home.